Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How we are doing.

When Avery was born there was a lot to take in and so much going on. I cried when they took her out of our room and put her in the NICU. I cried again when I saw her in the NICU for the first time because she looked so tiny and alone in her little bed. It was hard once more for me when I had to leave her at the hospital and go home to stay at night. Then she came home and we were so excited. Since then everything has just gone along great and normal besides all the doctors appointments. I have been very much at peace with whatever is going on with Avery that everything is going to be okay. Many people prayed for us and we are so thankful.

Being a newborn there weren't many ways for Avery's hypotonia to be obvious to us. Now she is 3.5 months old and it seems that it is showing to me a little more and that is why I decided to look up the details of it on the internet. That was good but also hard for me. It made it more real that Avery might have some delays in her physical development. I know intellectually that God is in control and I shouldn't worry but that is very hard sometime to really feel. I ask that everyone pray that I keep living in the day because it is so easy to start wondering how she is going to be and how we are going to handle situations in the future. My mind can really wander when I don't even know what the future holds. I guess any Mom reading this would understand me when I say that I look at her when she sleeps and just think that I want everything to be ok for her. I think me being so emotional about this is just something I have to go through in realizing that she might have some bumps to get over. The funny thing is that it might just be harder for me because she probably won't even know anything different.

Jeremy is in a different place than I am. I asked him why he doesn't say much about Avery having hypotonia and he said that in the back of his mind he just knows that Avery is going to be ok. I'm glad he has that outlook and peace because that helps me when I let things get to me. Jeremy hardly ever worries about anything and that is something that has always helped me.

Levi just loves on Avery and is so sweet to her. Even when he was jealous in the beginning he was still always sweet to her. He always wants to kiss her goodnight and in the morning. Sometimes when he wakes up after his nap the first thing he will ask me is, "Where is sister?" He is funny too because he talks to her in baby talk with a high pitch voice. It cracks us up.

Just keep praying for us as we keep going to doctors visits and for Avery as she grows and develops. Thank you. Our next doctors visits are April 15th to the pediatrician and April 16th to see the neurologist at Texas Children's in Houston.

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  1. We love this sweet girl and hope you and Jeremy know that we will do anything you need us to in order to help! We pray for her daily... and for you both as parents. What a blessing she is. I know God has great plans for her!