Monday, March 23, 2009

Why Blog?

I decided to start this blog because I thought it would make things easier for everyone to be updated on Avery without me having to say the same things over and over. I also thought it would help me say things that I might be thinking or feeling more easily. So here it goes.

I want to start by saying that Avery is beautiful and sweet. She is absolutely a miracle and I thank God every day that she is here. It was sure hard to get her here. When I say she is a miracle I mean that God made everything fall into place in order for her to be born the day that she was. If she had not been born that day she may not have been with us. God definitely had a plan. I will recap the end of the pregnancy later when I have more time to write so that everyone can truly understand what I mean.

Anyway, Avery is turning 15 weeks this week. We were told the first week that Avery was born that she has what is called hypotonia or low tone. I was told not to get on the computer and look that up at first and I have to say that was good advise. Recently though I thought it was time that I know more about what hypotonia is so that I am not in the dark and so that I can do whatever she needs me to in order to help her progress physically. So here is what I now know about hypotonia. It is usually a symptom of something else that a child has. In many cases though they can't find that the child has anything else and this is called benign hypotonia. In that case the child usually progresses and is able to crawl then walk but with delayed progress. The delays could be just months or in more severe case they may not walk until maybe 3 years old. Low muscle tone may seem like weak muscles but it is different in that a person can work out and lift weights in order to have stronger muscles. You can't lift weights to improve low muscle tone. A child that has this seems to be loose or "floppy." I don't really like that last term. I don't know if all of that made sense but if you want to know more you can look up hypotonia on the web.

We are praying that Avery has benign hypotonia. She has had an MRI, EEG, and chromosome analysis done already and all have come back normal. We have seen a neurologist once when Avery was 4 weeks old and she did say that Avery seem to have it less severe than other kids she had seen. Avery moves a lot when she is awake and is very limp when she is asleep. Lately she has tended to put her arms out straight and turn her wrists out when she tenses up. She also arches her back a lot and seems to feel good in that position sometimes. She likes to suck on a paci but can not keep it in her mouth herself. We hold it there for her sometimes and it helps her go to sleep.

Other than the low tone Avery is progressing well. She weighed 12.5 pounds last week. She started at 6.3 pounds. She smiled for the first time February 1st and has been smiling ever since. She laughs out loud as well. I love it. She has very blond eyebrows with a hint of red and her hair is brown with a hint of red as well. She gets that from Jeremy's mom and Grandma Byrd.

Well that is all for tonight. I have more to write later but it is getting late. Thank you for reading this and keep Avery in your prayers. I should say keep me and Jeremy in your prayers as well.

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